Perdueville Closure

The board of directors of Ludlow Coop has made the difficult decision to close the Perdueville facility. We will not be accepting farmer bushels for fall of 2024 and beyond. This was not an easy decision and the discussions had been ongoing for quite some time.

The Perdue facility has seen its grain volume drop over the years. Volume is key for our low margin business and Perdue doesn’t handle enough bushels to make this facility economically viable to remain open. In addition, the grain dryer quit running late last harvest and there are numerous spouts that need replaced.

As all of our facilities age, we have had to spend an increasing amount of money repairing equipment or replacing with new. With the age, limited storage capacity and slower dump speed of the Perdue facility, it’s hard to justify the amount of money needed to make it a facility that can handle grain volume at the speed today’s farmers can deliver. With limited resources to spend, the board has to decide where to invest capital expenditure dollars. Spending those dollars at Perdue versus other higher volume facilities does not make the best sense for all patrons of the coop.

We would like to thank all of the patrons who have supported the Perdue facility over the years. It is your continued patronage that has made it possible for Ludlow Coop to survive and grow. As both the patron and commercial grain business continues to evolve, we will work to remain viable in this ever-changing landscape.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paul Seaman, 217-396-4111.